Human-IST / Smart Cities

Smart Buildings and Cities for a better environment

The project

Just one small step divides smart habitat from smart cities, and the researchers at Human-IST are determined to take it. Having begun researching in the field of smart habitat, the researchers at the University of Fribourg are now broadening their activities to encompass smart cities. Their objective is to conduct research aimed at developing new interactive technology (e.g. cognitive computing) concerned with human values and promoting well-being in the city, urban mobility, etc. 

The Foundation's commitment

The Human-IST Research Center was created in 2015 with the support of the University of Fribourg Foundation. The creation of this center is in keeping with the University of Fribourg profile thanks to its strongly interdisciplinary nature, as well as with current needs and reflections on the role of new technologies in our societies by placing the principal focus of attention on the human element. Having helped launch Human-IST, the Fribourg University Foundation has decided to continue to assist the center in its development. With this project, Human-IST is being endowed with a second Chair, in partnership with La Poste Suisse. 

Thanks to...

. . . our partner, La Poste Suisse SA, for this innovative collaboration geared to the needs of the future.