Innovation Fund

Swiss Post Ltd and the Human-IST Institute at the University of Fribourg have collaborated on various research projects for several years (e.g. "Smart Buildings and Cities for a Better Environment" or Innosuisse: "Swiss Digital Ethics Compass").

To further expand this collaboration university-wide, an innovation fund has been established. This fund is open to all teaching staff and researchers through an annual call for projects.

The aim of this annual call is to foster collaboration between teams from Swiss Post and the University of Fribourg for the partnership period 2024-2028.

As part of this expanded collaboration, a senior lecturer affiliated with the Human-IST Institute will coordinate the call for projects.

Projects may encompass all aspects of research and innovation, addressing significant scientific gaps that may be of interest to Swiss Post. Ideally, each project will involve a mixed team consisting of a researcher from the University of Fribourg and a researcher from Swiss Post.


We extend our warmest thanks to our partner, Swiss Post, for its invaluable support.