A learning and Innovation Lab

The University of Freiburg wants to equip itself with a Learning Lab. A friendly space for exchange, learning and co-creation.

The Learning Lab is a physical space, equipped with digital instruments, that will allow innovative teaching, studying and making at the university. The Learning Lab will also be a community of people who want to share and exchange ideas.

The DigitalSkills@UNIFR project (2019-2020) has enabled the novel design of the Learning Lab and experimentation with initial uses. In 2021, the Department of Computer Science, Human-IST and the NTE Center became the project's carriers. The dossier developed in 2019-20 was completed and the space was thought out with a prototyping area (Fab Lab), a study area (Learning Lab) and an innovative teaching area. The Departement in Computer Science has accepted the management of the Learning Lab, and in particular of its FabLab. The other Departements will actively participate in the life of this place of study, meeting and creation. Work has also been carried out with the university's architect to draw up final plans for the Learning Lab and to think about furniture that will allow for a wide variety of activities in the Learning Lab.