Human-IST Research Center

The project

The Human-IST Research Center offers research and advanced teaching in the field of human-machine interfaces. Thanks to this research center, the new relational paradigms between humans and machines are now part of the academic training of science and information technology scientists.

The Foundation's commitment

The Human-IST Research Center was created in 2015 thanks to the support of the Fribourg University Foundation. The creation of this center is in keeping with the University of Fribourg profile thanks to its strongly interdisciplinary nature, as well as with current needs and reflections on the role of new technologies in our societies by placing the principal focus of attention on the human element.

Thank's to...

. . . our faithful donors, in particular Messrs. Willi Liebherr and Gustav Stenbolt. A magnificent gesture of support for the University and its researchers.

Human-IST Research Center