Algeria's 19 Martyrs

Development of an international research centre dedicated to Algeria's 19 martyrs.

Based on several years of work on the writings of the monks of Tibhirine since the beginning of the 21st century, the University of Fribourg contributes to the theological reception of the message of Algeria's 19 martyrs in this new research centre in an academic, interdisciplinary, and multicultural approach. This project will enable:

  • Collecting and bringing together the testimonies and sources related to Algeria's 19 martyrs.
  • Examining in greater depth the questions raised by this testimony in the congregations present in Algeria at that time, which reflect the lives of these witnesses.
  • Clarifying the experience of Algeria's Church, its pastors, and its martyrs during the dark years to better illuminate the specific contribution of each of them.
  • Establishing possible transfers to church life and civil society (universal brotherhood, hospitality, hope, non-violence, interreligious dialogue, etc.).


This research is supported by the Cistercian Order « Ordre Cistercien de la Stricte Observance et la Postulation de la Cause ‘Mgr Pierre Claverie et ses 18 compagnons’ ». We sincerely thank these donors.