Foundation Council

The Foundation Council sets the strategic course for the Foundation and ensures that set objectives are met. It is chaired by the Chancellor of the University of Fribourg and is made up of people external to the University. This configuration enables Fribourg University Foundation to play a key role as a promoter of exchange of information and dialogue between the academic world and the world outside the University.

Astrid Epiney

Chancelor of the University of Fribourg 
President of the Foundation Council since 2015

Mireille Kurmann Carrel

President of the Alumni Association
A member since 2016

Albert Michel

President of the BCF Executive Board 
A member since 2011

Ana Patricia Rahn Erden

Majority Shareholder of Group Rahn SA
A member since 2016

Victor Schmid

Partner Schmid & Konsulenten
A member since 2008

Gustav Stenbolt

CEO Valartis Group SA
A member since 2013