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We cultivate your vision

Fribourg University Foundation listens to its partners. It works actively with people and/or organisations wishing to support the University of Fribourg’s development efforts or to collaborate with it on development projects.

Are you interested in supporting a project at the University of Fribourg? Do you have a particular project in mind? Do you want to play a role in the development of our University? We help you get to know the University and introduce you to its most innovative projects and key skills.

Services and benefits

The right Partner

We offer the following services to donors, sponsors and partners of the University of Fribourg and its Foundation:

  • We facilitate access to the University and assist in networking building;
  • We promote your projects / ideas within the University community if they meet the required criteria;
  • We provide support for discussions / negociations with partners inside the University;
  • If necessary, we provide support for projects implementation and progress monitoring ;
  • Contract bokerage, ressource allocation monitoring ;
  • Annuel reporting & Controlling annuel of supported projects.

Support a project at the University

We build synergies

The University of Fribourg is made up of five faculties (Law, Economy, Science, Humanities and Theology) organised according to the academic model. This may appear complex to outsiders to the University, which is why the Foundation assists organisations and/or people wishing to work with the University to create or support development projects here.

Whatever kind of collaboration, project or theme you are interested in, you can contact us. We will be happy to provide information and find contacts for you.