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Any professor/researcher can submit a project to the Fribourg University Foundation at any time. 

If the criteria for a potential strategic fundraising project are met, the project will be presented to the Rectorate and, in a second step, to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board meets twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn.

If the Rectorate and the Foundation select your project, you will benefit from the services related to strategic fundraising.

If your project does not meet the criteria of a strategic fundraising project, you can benefit from advisory services as part of university development activities.


Services and benefits

Service Fundraising (Development Office)

  • Project expertise
  • Fundraising advice

Strategic fundraising (Foundation)

  • Project expertise
  • Detailed fundraising analysis of projects
  • Development of a contact portfolio
  • Fundraising for - and with - you
  • Assistance with discussions / negociations
  • Internal & external networking
  • Preparation and monitoring of contracts

Financial Management

  • Management accounting
  • Resource allocation monitoring

Donors management

  • Support in reporting / controlling
  • Communication about your projects to the support community 
  • Public relations support 
  • Invitation to annual meeting event