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Fribourg University Foundation is an operating foundation. Our task is to support and assist you in your search for funds (university fundraising) whenever you have a project eligible for private third-party funding.

Any tutor/researcher can submit a project to Fribourg University Foundation at any time. We examine them as rapidly as possible as and when submitted.

If you meet the criteria for potential strategic fundraising, your project will be presented to the Chancellor's Office and, where appropriate, to the Foundation Council.

If the Chancellor's Office and Foundation Council accept your project, you will benefit from the services for strategic fundraising.

If your project does not meet the criteria for strategic fundraising, you can take advantage of the advisory services for routine fundraising.

Services and benefits

Our services

Routine Fundraising (Development Office)

  • Project appraisal
  • Fundraising advice

Strategic fundraising (foundation)

  • Project appraisal
  • Detail fundraising analysis of projects
  • Development of of portfolio contacts
  • Fundraising for - and with - you
  • Assistance with discussions / negociations
  • Internal & external networking
  • Contract preparation & follow up

Financial Management

  • Management accounting
  • Ressource allocation monitoring

Donor management

  • Reporting / controlling support
  • Communication about your projects to the development community  (including project impact)
  • PR Support (cooperative)
  • Invitation meeting events

Submit a project

Serving your projects

Fribourg University Foundation is an operating foundation. It supports projects that meet all the following criteria:

  • Academic development projects, i.e. projects that create something new or complementary to your work. 
  • Projects that correspond to the University of Fribourg institutional profile and contribute something to the University as an institutional whole
  • Ambitious and innovative projects, even if they fall outside the "conventional" framework
  • Projects that help foster the next generation of researchers at the University of Fribourg and allow new talents to distinguish themselves thougt their work

You can submit a project at any time using the form provided and returning it to: or