The project
Cancer care has made major progress in recent years thanks to new therapies, leading to an improved survival for a number of cancers, particularly breast cancer. Early cancer detection through screening tests has also contributed to improved survival, as cancer detected early can be treated more effectively. Screening for colon cancer by colonoscopy or breast cancer by mammography are two examples. Unfortunately, for most cancers, there are no effective early detection methods, and even mammography has shown limitations. Studies resulting from research carried out at the university of Fribourg have shown that the presence of cancer modifies cells of the immune system. The analysis of white blood cells circulating in the blood can highlight these changes. This research has also shown that analysis of the white blood cells in the blood can deliver important information about the efficiency of the treatment. 

The engagement of the ISREC Foundation
Thanks to the ISREC Foundation, research is currently focusing on the development of a blood test for breast cancer screening and monitoring. To this purpose, a clinical study is being conducted in Fribourg and other centres in western Switzerland. The analysis of the samples will be carried out by researchers from the University of Fribourg in collaboration with clinicians, bioinformaticians and mathematicians using new molecular technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our thanks
To the ISREC Foundation for its support to our researchers who are fighting in an innovative way against one of the most prevalent cancers, and to all the patients concerned.