GENOA 2 complement

Towards a blood test for the detection of breast cancer

Performing RNASeq on PBMC from patients recruited for the GENOA2 study. Specifically, we plan to sequence and analyse PBMC from 20 healthy donors, 20 patients with primary breast cancer, 10 patients with colorectal cancer, 10 patients with lung cancer and 20 patients with inflammatory diseases. The healthy donors and the patients with primary breast cancer will allow an initial signature to be extracted, while the colorectal and lung cancer patients and the patients with inflammatory diseases will allow the signature to be fine-tuned to exclude other cancers and inflammatory diseases.
We anticipate that this important analysis, which is currently lacking, will help to strengthen the results already achieved towards an effective blood test for clinical development.

This complementary study is funded by the Claudia von Schilling Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Our sincere thanks go to this foundation.