We warmly thanks all our partners and donors for their support and trust. Each donation counts and allows us to realize and support very interesting projects at the University of Fribourg.

Our thanks also go to our partners and donors who have been involved in the realization of one of our projects:

  • The late Richard Aschwanden
  • Mr. Georges-Henri Barras
  • Dr. Janusz Belza
  • Ms Agnès Bucher
  • Mr. Dominique Clément
  • Dr. Paolo Cornaro
  • Dr. Markus Desax
  • Mr. Michel Follonier
  • Mr. Dominique Gachoud
  • Mr. Karl de Graf
  • Mr. Jan Jenisch
  • Dr. Willi Liebherr
  • Mr. Christoph Mazel
  • The late Albert Michel
  • Ms Martha Nagel-Erdin
  • Ms Ana Patrica Rahn Erden
  • Mr. Léon Progin
  • Mr. Gustav Stenbolt


  • Fondation Gandur pour l'Art
  • ISREC Foundation
  • UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education
  • George Wick Stiftung
  • Hans Konrad Rahn Foundation
  • Credit Suisse Foundation 
  • Claudia von Schilling Foundation 

    for Breast Cancer Research


  • Banque cantonale de Fribourg
  • Banque Cornèr SA
  • DiaMed GmbH
  • Groupe E SA
  • La Poste Suisse SA
  • Liebherr International SA
  • Compagnie Financière Michelin Suisse SA
  • Rahn Group SA
  • Richemont International SA
  • Sika SA
  • Valartis Group SA