Study Grants

A large majority of students have to work to finance their university studies, often at a significant rate. These professional experiences, whatever they may be, are generally positive and formative. However, for those who have to devote too much time to their work, it can be a hindrance to their studies, or even a reason to drop out.

With your donation, the Foundation of the University of Fribourg contributes to a fund for students who, at a certain moment, are confronted with financial difficulties.

This fund is intended for Master's level students who have demonstrated their commitment during the first part of their university course (Bachelor's degree). The subsidies take the form of scholarships, reductions in the university fee, or specific support. They are granted to students who apply to the University's Uni-Social Service, which assesses the need after checking all other possible sources of funding.

On behalf of the students, we thank you for your generosity.