When the past invites to travel... 

"Questioning the societies of the past is first and foremost the pleasure of investigation, of discovering unpublished documents that invites us to see the world differently. History is a valuable tool for analyzing the processes that shape our collective life. It sheds light on the problems of the present by revealing the assumptions on which they are based. It sharpens critical thinking and distance." This short introduction from our Department of Contemporary History highlights the importance of historical sciences for our societies, as well as the work done by historians. 

For their research, our historians need access to sources, to archives. As a small country with an international focus in many areas, much of Swiss history is linked to the relations that our country has and maintains with other countries. Access to sources therefore means, for some of our historians, travelling abroad. 

Thanks to your support, the Foundation of the University of Fribourg wants to support scholarships for students and young researchers identified as among the most engaged and talented. These scholarships will allow three students to travel to Japan, Chile and Quebec, Canada. They will study and search in the fields of economic history (Japan), history of Swiss emigration (Latin America) and history of the Francophonie (Canada).