CTLS-Grants - Center for Transnational & Legal Studies

AT the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) in London,14 students from faculty of law of the University of Fribourg study each year with other students from the world's top 9 law universities as Georgetown Law (Washington DC), Kong's College London, Toronto, Melbourne, Singapoure (NUS), Hebrew University Jerusalem, Torino, ESADE Barcelone and more. They study in English, in a comparative and innovative approach, themes presented by the professors of each of these law scholls, in residence for one semester: international commercial and economic law, international arbitration law, transnational conflict resolution, comparative contract law, public international and health law, human rights, migration, labour and international tax law. 

Without your support, students at the University of Fribourg would not be able to have this unique study opportunity. The University must indeed pay the participation fee directly and covers  the full costs of the professors of Fribourg that are invested in this program. Like many other universities engaged in this program of excellence, it is therfore also and thanks to the support of partners and donors that the institution can offer to its best students the financing of the high semester tuition fee in the UK. Thanks to your support, students just have to cover the corsts of accomodation and food, as well as a small semester tax supplement. 

A program of excellence, for excellent students, thanks to you!