Human-Centered AI: Big Data, Society & Privacy

A large part of our decisions and actions today are based on algorithms, i.e. methods using data analysis storage. New technologies make it possible to continuously analyze huge amounts of data. The applications that everyone uses are based on the results of these analyses to provide advice, or services.

In this context, fundamental questions arise. For example, what analysis criteria are used? Consequently, what room does each person have to remain in control of his decisions and actions? Where is the boundary between the common good and the individual good?

By analysing different types of new data, our researchers are interested in understanding the relationship between the algorithms and societal behaviors. They also aim to integrate societal data into the algorithms they develop, for technologies that take into account humanity in its diversity. Far from idealism, a great challenge at the beginning of an unprecedented digital revolution. Particular importance will be given to the "privacy aspect" in their research.