Non-Profit Organizations vs Profit Organizations ?

Social entrepreneurship is defined by an entrepreneurial effort, such as that often attributed to start-ups, for example. It is also defined by the intention to offer the customer an additional advantage through the products and services provided. It wants to be profitable or efficient, but also considers profitability in terms of the importance and meaning it gives to its services or the use of its products. Finally, social entrepreneurship is also defined by a societal objective.

Today, many critics are rising within traditional structures. Non-profit organizations are often criticized for their heavy administration, responsiveness to change and lack of vision in terms of investment. For-profit organizations, for their part, are regularly criticized for placing the lucrative value too far ahead at the expense of environmental and societal values, for example, or for using these values as marketing showcases. State organizations, on the other hand, often do not see their role as that of a leader, but as an administrator. 

The Foundation of the University of Fribourg wants to create a new research and teaching axis in the field of social entrepreneurship. This development will build on existing skills in the management of non-profit organizations (associations, foundations) and existing skills in the management of for-profit organizations (companies). Role of the state and the state stuctures will also be integreted in the project.