La science en podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and winning audiences, thanks in particular to easy access to content and the adaptation of this technology to our current lifestyles. Since the pandemic arrived, podcasts related to science and politics are becoming established. This shows a strong interest in subjects that are a priori difficult, but which can be communicated in a new, interesting and adapted way through podcasts.

In collaboration with the "DeFacto " platform, our researchers in economic and social sciences intend to produce a series of scientific podcasts. Their objective: to explore current economic and social issues in order to make them accessible to a wider public. The latest research would be communicated in an innovative, dynamic and accessible way. The individual podcasts will take the form of interactive discussions with researchers on current scientific work and relevant topics.

For this project, our researchers will produce a first series of ten bilingual podcasts during the first year. The podcasts will highlight the latest contributions of the University of Fribourg in the fields of economics and social sciences, and will also have a societal impact in terms of communicating science to a wider public.