Law in the AI Era

Digitalization has set in motion an irreversible process of digital transformation of modern societies and economies. The complexity of this ongoing phenomenon reaches far beyond the realm of individual scientific disciplines and thus imperatively calls for new scientific approaches in most areas of research, as well as, in the long term, new approaches to teaching. 

The University of Fribourg aims to strengthen interdisciplinary research in the field of digitalization by going beyond the traditional juxtaposition of various disciplines without proper integration. The University is convinced that integrated interdisciplinarity is key to promoting cutting-edge research and innovation in a multi-faceted environment. This human-centered approach has great potential for future development of technology and for making valuable contributions to the international competitiveness of Switzerland. 

The latest innovative thrust in the field of legal research and education relates to new technologies emerging from the ongoing process of digitalization. The cooperation between Law, Technology and Social Science needs to be further developed. Technological progress, be it in the fields of robotics, AI, ADAS or others, raise all the fundamental questions of how humans will be able to reasonably interact with machines in the future and how law can and should respond to these new challenges.