Digital Identity: a central issue

In a context of growing digitalization of the economy and society, as well as at the level of individuals, the issue of digital identities is becoming increasingly important. Digital identities do not only allow the identification of users on digital platforms in order to secure settings or facilitate interaction during recurring visits. Indeed, within the framework of so-called qualified digital identities, legally valid identifications of persons can be made electronically. In the future, qualified digital identities will therefore be able to be equated with legal identities and will enable a large number of new applications.

The question of digital identity is a central issue today, affecting a wide variety of areas and domains and raising questions that need to be resolved at the same rhythm as the acceleration of digitalization. However, the underlying technologies are often not accessible to the laypersons and their suitability for use cases is difficult to establish.

The aim of this project is to provide an overview of the uses and applications of digital identities. On the one hand, the study will introduce to the underlying concepts in an easy-to-understand form, and on the other hand, it will reflect the current state of research and practice in this field. The results of the study will be summarized in a report and, where appropriate, submitted for review for a publication in business informatics.