Promoting innovative spirit and entrepreneurial potential

Fribourg is a university town with more than 13,000 students combining the University and the High Schools (engineering & architecture, social work, health, management and pedagogy). The campus, with its wide range of complementary skills, is an ideal place for innovation and entrepreneurship. The available skills and existing resources are however often dispersed among the various schools, and this potential is not sufficiently capitalized upon.

To promote the spirit of innovation and the entrepreneurial potential of the campus, the Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship suggests the creation of an inter-school platform, which would be promoted and managed by the University in collaboration with the various campus partners (Innovation Club Fribourg, JEF, Student Venture Program, etc.). 

The aim of this project is to facilitate concrete collaborations between universities by improving the performance and quality of personal interactions, by developing inter-school connections, interdisciplinarity and the sharing of experience, and by networking existing resources and skills. This project will also support the canton of Fribourg in its positioning as a place for innovation and entrepreneurship, especially among students.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with the ECHO association,an online platform aiming to increase connectivity and interpersonal links between its members and will address students and actors in Fribourg concerned or interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.