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Relapse identification in Severe Mental Illness using smartphone app

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Human-IST Research Center

Human centered Interaction Science & Technology

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University Open Day - EXPLORA

The University of Fribourg invites you...

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Smart and Cognitive Cities

Smart & Cognitive Cities : for the cities of tomorrow...

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Research Group for Emerging Markets

Management in Emerging Markets...

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Chair of Perception & Movement Control

Impact of motor activities on dvelopment...

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Bilingual Plus Program

Bilingualism as a professional asset...

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Quali Plus Program

A unique complementary program...

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Extending Brain Health, a public health priority...

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History of enterprises

History of enterprises & Heritage Management...

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Breast Cancer

New technologies for the detection and monitoring of breast cancer...

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Chair for International Management

International Management & European Business...

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From to the history of Antiquity...

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